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Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Trainer Pc


in the sonic the hedgehog''s special drama, the heroine is a criminal of the hooligans. she steals a chaos emerald from sonic''s group. sonic and his friends chase her to find the chaos emerald and ends up saving her from a nearby building that is going to burn to the ground. she thanks sonic by adding her necklace to his necklace necklace. she is used to fighting with a cannonball in her hands, as she is a hooligan member. this cannonball is the same as her piko piko hammer in sonic the hedgehog cd.

in the sonic the hedgehog drama cd, this sonic version was merged with the other amy, whose design was seen in sonic cd as well. another is seen in the sonic the hedgehog cartoon shorts where she is voiced by catherine taber.

in the sonic lost world comic book-to-game adaption, she is named sandra. she is a girl with golden hair, and a purple trenchcoat with a red ribbon tied around her waist, which bears the western symbol of the evil chaos emerald. [3]

in the sonic boom comic-book-to-game adaption, she is the sidekick of sonic boom. [40] this version is a female counterpart of sonic boom. she has red hair, a katana in her left hand, and wears a red jacket.

in the sonic & all-stars racing transformed comic-book-to-game adaption, she is a green and yellow hedgehog with angular red eyes with large, white pupils. she runs a merchandising business, which sells designs. she is assisted by four anthropomorphic pets that resemble her pose. [33] 3d9ccd7d82


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