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Most alastors are recruited out of the ranks of Archons, and while the anonymous existence of the Alastors can be a difficult one, it does have its rewards, specifically a more-or-less universal immunity to prosecution from local Princes.


A non-alastor who somehow manages to destroy one of the Anathema will almost inevitably be press-ganged into service as an alastor. While the archons answer directly to the Justicars, the alastors answer only to the Camarilla's Inner Circle. Any Kindred (even an Alastor) who commits diablerie upon an Anathema, where the trophy clan has not specifically stated that the diablerie of the Anathema is allowed, takes the victim's place on the Red List.

Furthermore, the destruction of an Anathema is rewarded by a prize known as the Trophy, the specifics of which can vary depending on which clan posted the Anathema to the Red List; major clan boons, teaching of proprietary disciplines and even sanctioned diablerie are all possible. Similar to members of the Black Hand, alastors have a mystical tattoo placed on their right palm to establish their bonafides to senior Camarilla members. 041b061a72


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