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Buy Bulk Condoms Online Nz

Oral sex never tasted so good! Glyde produce a range of fun condoms in a variety of colors and flavors including blueberry, strawberry and vanilla. Made from 100% natural latex, with a delicious flavor, these condoms are extra sheer (just 55 microns), have a delicious flavor, a smooth surface, and a reservoir tip.

buy bulk condoms online nz

One of the great advantages to shopping online is that you can buy in bulk. We offer packs of 100 condoms from many of your favorite brands which will literally save you a fortune when compared to buying smaller pack sizes in-store.

So why wait? Check out our fantastic range of condoms at prices that simply cannot be beaten elsewhere. We are confident that you will find a product perfect for your needs, and perhaps one that you have never tried before! Having your partner glow in the dark could be just what the doctor ordered!

We carry the Biggest range of Bulk Condoms in Australia. Ansell, Four Seasons, Glyde Health... Get them all here. Huge saving on bulk orders. Contact us for wholesale pricing or to establish a wholesale account.

The Ansell Skyn variety of non-latex condoms come in retail boxes of 10 and 20 only. These can however be purchased with huge savings when buying larger quantities. All of the Ansell Skyn retail condom packets are wholesale packed in cartons containing 720 condoms. Buy a carton then you are getting bulk discounts.

Durex Extra Safe are an Easy-On shaped and teat-ended, natural rubber latex condom. Durex Extra Safe are slightly thicker than regular condoms, are transparent and have additional lube. Nominal width: 56mm

Durex Extra Safe Precautions: Keep Durex Extra Safe out of reach of children. Please read the instruction leaflet carefully. Use a condom once only. Non-vaginal use of condoms may increase the risk of them slipping or being damaged. No method of contraception can provide 100% protection against pregnancy, HIV or sexually transmitted infections.

Which condom size do I need? Well, it all depends. You want the condom to be tight for starters. If you're unsure read our blog post here. We stock all condom sizes from small 49mm condoms through to extra large 60mm condoms, so look no further.

LifeStyles Skyn condoms are made of polyisoprene, a synthetic rubber that people with latex allergies can use. In addition to having the best feel and scent, Skyn condoms transmit heat and sensation wonderfully, come in an elegant and easy-to-open package, and are available at almost any drugstore.

We talked to Melissa White, CEO of Lucky Bloke; Erin Valdes, general manager at Condomania; sex workers Erin Black and Blake Monroe, who rely on condoms for protection; Mark McGlothlin, a chemical engineer who developed the first nonlatex condom and is president of Apex Medical Technologies; Carol Queen, staff sexologist at Good Vibrations; Randolph Hubach, PhD, director of the Sexual Health Research Lab at Oklahoma State University; and Laura Anderson, a journalist who in 2015 wrote an excellent long-form article on condoms for Slate.

Other important factors to consider when selecting a condom are the materials, including latex alternatives;2 the taste and odor; the thickness and texture, which can influence sensitivity but may also make a condom less durable; and the texture and quantity of the lubricant. (We suggest supplementing all condoms with a few drops of water-based lubricant.)

We asked the testers to rate the condoms on various criteria, including overall satisfaction, to submit comments, and to report any allergic reactions, slippage, or breakage. The testers also submitted an exit survey to tell us their favorite and least-favorite models. We required a minimum of at least three reviews from at least two testers per condom model.

We also conducted our own tests for length and flat-width measurements of the condoms, plus subjective assessments on factors such as odor, the ease of opening the package, the quality of the lubricant and material, and the ease of application.

This condom was especially loved by testers who have struggled with using average-sized condoms due to being longer than average with slimmer girth, or of average or shorter length with thicker girth.

Testers who were accustomed to using higher-end condoms found the overall quality of the myOne Perfect Fit to be on a par with other boutique brands in terms of latex thinness, lubrication, and odor. Testers used to drugstore brands reported a significant increase in satisfaction compared with what they usually use.

Finally, the process of measuring the penis, keeping track of a size code, and placing an order online may seem more labor intensive to some people than running to the drugstore to pick up a box of a favorite brand.

The majority of condoms are made from natural latex and coated with a silicone-based lubricant. Some lubricants (though not any of the ones on the condoms that we tested) also contain flavoring, heating, or cooling agents. Some condoms are unlubricated, in which case they are generally covered in a light coat of cornstarch and preservatives.

Durex Invisible and LifeStyles Zero (currently unavailable) are two of the most affordable ultra-thin latex condoms available at around 56 and 75 apiece, respectively. Testers strongly preferred the more-expensive One Vanish, Okamoto Wink Closer, and Lelo Hex condoms, though, because they smell, taste, and feel better. The Durex Invisible packaging feels exceptionally flimsy.

Durex Performax and Performax IntenseThese condoms are textured and coated with a numbing lube that is supposed to help prevent premature ejaculation. Some reviewers report that the numbing effect is too intense, or that the ribs irritate the receptive partner.

Condom Distribution Structural Intervention (CDSI) is a HIV and sexually transmitted disease (STD) prevention strategy that helps increase the availability, accessibility, and acceptability of condoms in an effort to prevent the spread of HIV.

Condom distribution is a cost-effective structural intervention that provides communities with resources needed to prevent the spread of HIV. Making condoms widely available through condom distribution programs (CDPs) is integral to successful HIV prevention. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) requires select funding recipients to implement CDPs as part of a larger HIV prevention strategy.

The CDC Division of HIV Prevention provides funding for condom distribution programs through health departments but does not provide condoms for distribution directly. Please contact your state or local health department for assistance obtaining condoms for distribution.

NYC Condom: Managed by the New York City Department of Health, NYC Condom provides free male and female condoms, personal lubricant, dental dams, and finger cots to eligible organizations. Its website provides information about the program, an eligibility determination form, an on-line request form, CDP FAQs, product descriptions, and links to general information about male and female condoms, HIV, AIDS, and STDs. Other services include:

Philadelphia Department of Public Health (PDPH): To ensure that free condoms are available for anyone who requests them, PDPH provides condoms for distribution to more than 100 unique sites across the city. Agencies can become a condom distribution site by filling out a registration form. Like DC Health, PDPH also operates a social media website, Take Control Philly, where persons can find information about STDs, the importance of condom use, how to have condoms sent through the mail, and how to find more information on Facebook and Twitter. The site also features maps of free condom distribution sites. Check out these resources in action!

Having condoms on-hand is important, no matter who you are. However, it can be embarrassing to go to a local retailer and purchase condoms. If you would rather order your condoms discreetly and safely online, we are the source for you! Our online condom store is stocked with a wide range of condom options, all manufactured by well-known name brands. You will find that our prices are low compared to conventional brick and mortar stores. This means that you and your partner can try more styles of condoms to find what works for you. We guarantee that you will receive your order quickly and that it will be delivered in a discreet box. We are committed to valuing our customers' privacy.

We have reduced energy consumption, chemical load, and waste. Our production has a waste water treatment and compared to plastics, rubber articles degrade very quickly. Our condoms are made from latex which has been responsibly sourced and traded. Our outer boxes are made from recyclable cardboard.

The sexual superheroes in the Hall of Lust-ice are on a mission to supply high-quality sexual health products to customers across Australia. You can get all your condoms and other fun products from Condom Man. We offer a large range of :

We have a professional commitment to discretion. Your order will be shipped in a plain envelope or box. The name on the return address label will display only our PO Box number. No reference to condoms or any other safe-sex related products will be visible on the outside of the Package.

All our condoms have an expiry date. On the back of each individually packed condom is the batch number and expiry date. The expiration date is an indication of how long the condom will perform to our highest standards. The batch number is for our quality control.

Gold Knight and Shield condoms are 100% vegan. We do not use any materials containing casein or non-vegan substances in the manufacturing of our natural rubber latex male condoms. Our condoms are supplied in recyclable cardboard packaging and we do not use plastic shrink wrapping on any of our condom packs.

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