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Download Deadly Dozen Reloaded Plus 12 Trainer Zip

But when they came into rougher and more wooded regions they were shotat often by concealed marksmen. A half-dozen troopers were killed andmore wounded, and, when the cavalrymen forced a path through the brushin pursuit of the hidden sharpshooters, they found nothing. The enemyfairly melted away. It was easy enough for a rifleman, knowing everygully and thicket, to send in his deadly bullet and then escape.

A combat with sabers cannot last long, and cavalry charges are soonfinished. North and South had met in the center of the open space, andsuddenly the two, because all their force was spent, fell back fromthat deadly line, which was marked by a long row of fallen horses andmen. They reloaded their rifles and carbines and began to fire at oneanother, but it was at long range, and little damage was done. Theyfell back a bit farther, the firing stopped entirely, and they lookedat one another. 59ce067264


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