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[DvD - Ita] Il Capo Dei Capi - 1

[DvD - Ita] Il Capo Dei Capi - 1

Il Capo Dei Capi (The Boss of the Bosses) is an Italian television miniseries that tells the story of Salvatore Riina, the most notorious Sicilian mafia boss of all time. The series consists of six episodes, each covering a decade of Riina's life, from his rise to power in the 1950s to his arrest in 1993. The first episode, titled "Corleone", aired on October 25, 2007 on Canale 5.

The first episode begins in 1943, when a young Riina witnesses the murder of his father by American soldiers. He vows to avenge his father and joins the local mafia clan led by Luciano Liggio. He quickly proves his loyalty and ruthlessness, earning the nickname "Totò u Curtu" (Totò the Short). He participates in several murders and robberies, including the killing of Placido Rizzotto, a trade unionist who opposed the mafia's control over land and water resources. He also falls in love with Ninetta Bagarella, the sister of another mafia member.

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In 1958, Riina and Liggio move to Palermo, where they join forces with other mafia clans to form the Sicilian Mafia Commission, a governing body that regulates the criminal activities and disputes among the mafiosi. Riina becomes one of the most influential and feared members of the commission, along with Gaetano Badalamenti, Stefano Bontade, and Michele Greco. He also expands his criminal empire by dealing with heroin trafficking, kidnapping, extortion, and political corruption. He orders the murder of several rivals and enemies, such as Michele Cavataio, a powerful boss who tried to start a war within the commission.

The episode ends with Riina becoming the undisputed leader of the Corleonesi clan, after Liggio is arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment in 1974. He declares war on the other mafia clans, especially those aligned with Badalamenti and Bontade, who oppose his violent and ambitious methods. He plans to eliminate them all and become the capo dei capi (the boss of the bosses) of the Sicilian mafia.

The first episode of Il Capo Dei Capi was watched by over 7 million viewers, making it one of the most successful Italian TV productions ever. The series received critical acclaim for its realistic and gripping portrayal of the Sicilian mafia's history and culture. The actors who played Riina at different stages of his life, Claudio Gioè, Daniele Liotti, and Salvatore Lazzaro, were praised for their performances. The series was also nominated for several awards, including the International Emmy Award for Best Drama Series in 2008.


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