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Polish Fellow Livestreams Suicide By Train Afte...

In 1943, the family was arrested by Belgian police, denounced as refugees and deported to Auschwitz. After nine days on a train of fellow Jews, surviving on only two cups of water a day, they arrived in the middle of a bitter Polish winter.

Polish Fellow Livestreams Suicide by Train Afte...

Iwona was born in Poland where she graduated School of Economics with a degree in organization and management of small businesses. She, her husband Ted, and their young children, came to Chicago in 1994. Over the years, Iwona worked as a preschool teacher, property manager, server trainer in a restaurant and, recently, as a manager at Starbucks. Iwona has led a multiple-languages interpretation ministry, was a leader of the Polish church community, as well as helped to organize Polish women's conferences with Mission Poland ministry. All of these experiences have helped prepare her for ministry at The Orchard. Iwona and Ted enjoy road trips, fellowship with their friends, hiking and, of course, coffee. 041b061a72


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