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X-Plane 9.xx No DVD Linux Mod

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This is quiet nice. Apparently it also solves the (known) problem with 'installing' the X-Plane for the first time after installation. Normally this is done with mkdir -p X:/Applications/X-Plane 9.0/, cd X:/Applications/X-Plane 9.0/ and sudo -i for root then sudo./xplane_installer. The Problem is that if I do this first time with no monitors plugged in I get an error message about xorg not being able to load the default x11... Ok, shure this can be fixed, but this is not expected behaviour, X-Plane should just work.. just ok, not making life harder..

Does this mod overwrite the X-Plane registry? or does some other user or app settings also gets overwritten, in particular XLib settings? Even all the settings in'[*] 27. SystemSettings | [*] 28. SystemSettings | [*] 29. SystemSettings | [*] 30. XLDatabase | [*] 31. XLDatabase | [*] 32. XLDatabase | [*] 33. xorg.conf | [*] 34. xorg.conf | [*] 35. xorg.conf | [*] 36. xorg.conf.override

i expect something like a global checkbox. "Just check the bsds, but leave xmp fully installed" would be how i would do it, if i were responsible for making it. As some addon developer it's my job to support additions to this.

i believe enabling the extended dsf should still be a per session setting, so people who want to disable it can do so. if the misbehavior is in xmp's autogen i imagine that setting will be global, until it's fixed. but if it's in x-plane autogen it will be per session for single use sessions

I'm still wondering whether it would be better to make a DVD containing the modified "installation" needed. This would avoid downloading the full of the installation on each start of the application. d2c66b5586


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