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What is Parlay Betting? How to Calculate and 6 Tips for Playing Parlay Bets in Football

If you're interested in online betting forms, you've probably come across the term 'parlay betting'. However, not everyone fully understands this concept. Therefore, Wintips will help you understand what parlay betting is and effective football betting strategies through the following article!

What is parlay betting in football?

Parlay betting, also known as accumulator betting, combo bets, linked bets, or Mix parlay, is a popular type of bet in major bookmakers. In this type of bet, players can combine multiple different odds into one bet slip, including Asian handicap odds, European odds, Over/Under odds, corner kick odds, and various other odds. The payout odds for this type of bet are calculated based on the multiplication factor of the number of bet odds involved.

Parlay betting offers many choices for players and provides them with an exciting and engaging experience at live football tips . The advantage of this type of bet is that players don’t need to invest too much capital but can still earn significant profits. However, the downside is that if just one bet loses, the player loses all the money. Therefore, to receive a payout, you must win all the placed bets.

Rules of football parlay betting

To participate in this game, you need to place bets on at least two matches. Afterward, you have to select the corresponding odds for your choices. The odds will be publicly announced on the bookmaker's website for easy checking and comparison.

Once you've chosen the odds, enter the amount you want to bet into the system. The system will automatically calculate the percentage of winnings you'll receive if you win. You can also enter the amount you want to receive if you win. The bookmaker will calculate the odds and display them for you to decide whether to place the bet or not.

How to calculate parlay betting in football

Knowing how to calculate parlay bets is necessary to ensure accuracy and fairness in receiving winnings from the bookmakers and to evaluate if the bookmaker is transparent and trustworthy in the payout process. Here's how to calculate parlay bets for each type of odds:

Calculating parlay bets with Asian handicap and Over/Under odds

If you want to calculate parlay bets with Asian handicap and Over/Under odds, you need to use the following formula:

Parlay odds = Win odds x [(Half-win odds - 1) / 2] x ½ (if half-lose odds) x 1 (if draw odds) x ... Odds n.

Here, the win odds are the profit you can receive through multiplication.

If one bet in the parlay wins half, you can calculate it with the formula [(Odds - 1) / 2] + 1.

If one bet loses half, you need to divide the parlay odds by 2.

If it's a draw, you multiply the profit by 1.

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How to Calculate Wager in Asian Handicap Betting

When calculating the wager for an accumulator bet in football with Asian Handicap, you'll need to apply the following formula:

Accumulator Odds = Bet odds 1 x Bet odds 2 x Bet odds 3 x … x Bet odds n

Where each match's bet odds are determined by the odds ratio between the two teams, represented as decimal numbers.

For instance, if a bookmaker provides odds for the match between Liverpool vs. Manchester United as 1.5 – 2.5 – 3.0, the bet odds for Liverpool would be 1.5, for Manchester United would be 2.5, and for a draw would be 3.0.

Once you've established the bet odds for the matches, you can apply the Accumulator Odds formula to calculate the total wager. For example, if you wish to place an accumulator bet on two matches with bet odds of 1.5 and 2.0 respectively, the Accumulator Odds for this bet would be:

Accumulator Odds = 1.5 x 2.0 = 3.0

This means that if you place a $100 wager on this accumulator and both matches win, you'll receive a total of $300 (with $200 as profit). However, if either or both matches lose, you'll lose the initial wager.

Some Surefire Accumulator Betting Tips

To increase your chances of winning accumulator bets, players should apply football tips app expert advice synthesized from the following:

Master the rules and regulations of accumulator betting: Before engaging in Mix Parlay betting, players should fully understand the rules and regulations of each type of bet, ensuring no mistakes are made during the betting process.

Enhance and broaden your knowledge: Information sources about football, especially statistics and real data about teams, players, coaches, stadiums, etc., are valuable knowledge sources. This helps players make informed decisions when placing accumulator bets.

Starting with single-match accumulators yields higher win rates: Placing accumulator bets on at least two matches can increase the win rate. However, beginners should start with single-match accumulators to avoid significant risks and focus on understanding odds calculations.

Time your accumulators correctly: Sequential betting shouldn't be rushed; players need to carefully monitor the football situation, the latest news, starting lineups, player injuries, etc., to make an accurate assessment before placing bets.

Understand team capabilities and playstyle: Grasping the capabilities and playstyles of football teams and players will aid in making the right decisions when placing accumulator bets. Accurately assessing the strength of each team and stability in every match helps place accurate bets and increases win rates.

Place accumulators on matches with higher winning probabilities: Accumulator betting is challenging, and odds can fluctuate significantly. This is because predicting the outcomes of multiple matches is difficult. Therefore, only engage in this type of betting when the match has a high probability of winning. Additionally, avoid excessive betting as the difficulty increases with the number of bets placed.


These are accumulator betting tips for beginners. It's a type of bet with relatively low winning probabilities, but the returns upon winning can be substantial. Hence, when engaging in this type of betting, maintain a calm mindset, be patient, and adhere to the rules to achieve the best possible outcomes!


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