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Java How To Unzip File From Byte Array !FULL!

thanks for your info. well i was the one who asked the output as byte array. the reason is we want to send this byte array to a servlet for some reason they wanted like this. their argument is by doing this way we can save space on the server. if we write the zip file or write the files when we unzip it needs the directory cleanup and we need to schedule a service to do this. i am not sure this is the best way to save the space on server.

Java How To Unzip File From Byte Array

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returns the current timestamp without time zone. if fractional seconds precision is specified it should be from 0 to 9, 6 is default. the specified value can be used only to limit precision of a result. the actual maximum available precision depends on operating system and jvm and can be 3 (milliseconds) or higher. higher precision is not available before java 9.

function createarchiveentry(&archive, &filenametoadd, &typeofarchive, &desiredoption) /* create an archive entry for every file you want to add to the archive */ local javaobject &archiveentry; if &desiredoption = 3 then /* handle zip entries differently */ &archiveentry = createjavaobject(typeofarchive, &filenametoadd); else /* handle tar and tar.gz */ &archiveentry = createjavaobject(typeofarchive, createjavaobject(, &filenametoadd), &filenametoadd); endif; /* add archive entry to outputstream */ &archive.putnextentry(archiveentry); /* call add bytes to file method to add actual file to the archive */ addbytestofile(archive, &filenametoadd);endfunction;


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