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[S1E1] Little Sister (1)

Anyway, it seems like a pretty good, if radical, idea to me, and Julienne already has a clinic lined up that desperately wants to hire the sisters, but Hilda is determined to be a stick in the mud: Mother Mildred said they had to wait for proper vetting.

[S1E1] Little Sister (1)

Following on from a quick scene showing that the manipulative great-aunt Hye-suk is now in charge of the three siblings on account of their mother vowing to never return, In-kyung hears from her sister that the older lady is trying to bait her with money (a breakfast meeting that Saturday had been suggested by Hye-suk). Then, the two talk about their ambitions in life, with In-joo outlining her plan to marry a rich man so her siblings can live without debt. In the background, In-hye fixates on her painting.

Little Women episode 1 opens up with the eldest sister Oh In-joo sharing the sad and disappointing birthday she would get during her childhood with her sister Oh In-kyung. The two then surprise their youngest sister Oh In-hye with a cake as soon as she enters the house.

Later, she is worried about the money that she has to arrange for her sister and almost applies for a high-interest loan for employees when she gets a call from her grand-aunt asking her for breakfast on the weekend.

The next day, Hwa-young takes In-joo to a high-end restaurant where she asks her what she would do if she were to get a lot of money. In-joo shares her dream of living in an apartment with her sisters with enough food and no worries about money.

Suddenly, her eyes fall on the money that fills the bag to the brink and is shocked but also saddened because, in a letter left by Hwa-young, she wishes for In-joo to be able to live a happy life with her sisters.

It is the Taisho Period (i.e. 1912-1926). Tanjiro Kamado is living a modest but blissful life in the mountains with his family. One day, when he returns from selling charcoal in town, he finds the remains of his slaughtered family in pools of blood after a demon attack. Tanjiro rushes down the snowy mountain with the sole survivor, his sister Nezuko, on his back. But on the way, Nezuko suddenly snarls, turning on Tanjiro.[1]

Tanjiro carries Nezuko across the snowing mountain for help in the town, having felt that her body is the only one still warm. As he tries to make sense of what could have possible occurred, the cold air causes his breathing to weaken, and he struggles to carry her through the blizzard. Without warning, Nezuko begins twitching and rears herself up as she groans in an animalistic manner. She grabs Tanjiro and hurls themselves off the mountain path down a cliff. Protected from the fall by the thick snow, Tanjiro looks up and sees his sister standing upright.

He tells Tanjiro that if groveling were the least bit effective, then his family would not be dead and harshly admonishes him for claiming that he could help his sister and hunt down a demon despite being weak, since the fate of the weak is to only be crushed. He tells Tanjiro that perhaps the demons know how to cure his sister and change her back into a human but insists that he should not get his hopes up since they will not be willing to help, similar to how the Slayer finds his idea preposterous.

Our story begins with a unicorn named Twilight Sparkle, who sits alone by a tree, reading up on the history of Equestria and the tale of Nightmare Moon. Long ago, two sisters ruled the land; the elder raised the sun at dawn while the younger raised the moon at dusk. One day however, the younger sister grew resentful of the fact that the ponies played in the day, yet slept through her wonderful night. She became bitter and one night refused to lower the moon. The elder sister was forced to use the power of the Elements of Harmony to banish her sister to the moon. While she is heading home, Twilight ignores her unicorn classmates' request to come to a party hosted by Moondancer, and they snub her aside for being more interested in books than friends. After some further research, Twilight Sparkle is convinced that soon the Mare in the Moon will return for her revenge "on the longest day of the thousandth year"... which happens to be the upcoming Summer Sun Celebration. She tells her baby dragon assistant, Spike to send a letter to Princess Celestia, ruler of Equestria and Twilight's trainer, on the matter and she doesn't like the response:

Please forgive my crass opening, but: SCREW THE DEMON HUNTER!!! Family is family, whatever malady they might have. Do what you need to do to protect your sister, your brother, your family. Any goodie-two-shoes can hope for Heaven; be better than that, be loving and loyal.

Fuutarou, at this point in the story, only sees the Nakano sisters as a way out of debt for his family. His drive to make amends with Itsuki is solely for the sake of keeping his job. Following through with the genre promise of making a bad situation worse, however, Fuutarou manages to appear like he is stalking Itsuki and leaves an equally awkward first impressions on the remaining four sisters.

But Fuutarou is by no means alone in being kind of a mess. Itsuki, appearing to be the most well-adjusted, is followed by her disparate sisters. Yotsuba is the happy-go-lucky one, Miku is the quiet and cool one, Nino is the sadistic princess and Ichika is the sexy but slobbish eldest sister.

Shinpei Ajiro returns to his hometown of Hitogashima in Wakayama City for the first time in two years upon hearing the news of the death of his childhood friend, Ushio Kofune. Shinpei attends the funeral and is told by his best friend, Sou Hishigata, that there is a possibility that Ushio was murdered by someone else. Furthermore, even Ushio's sister, Mio, complains that Ushio was murdered. There is a tradition on Hitogashima that anyone who sees a "shadow" that looks like him or her will die. Before her death, Mio saw Ushio's "shadow"...

Stepping on the island, Shinpei is greeted by a speeding Mio on a bike, Ushio's little sister. She is unable to stop and ends up falling in the water, but acts like she wanted to take a swim. After helping her get out of the water, Mio wonders how is Tokyo's life and if he went to Shibuya, but Shinpei reveals he doesn't get out much. While heading towards the funeral, they chat about various things. Mio reveals that the island now has many people she doesn't know, but lately, even people she knows sometimes seem like strangers. Shinpei guesses its due to the many tourists around this time of the year. Mio laughs, stating that Shinpei now talks normal and has blended in Tokyo's life.

Shinpei finally catches up to Mio. She tells him that Shiori was a bit weird lately and Shinpei guesses its because she stopped talking due to shock. However, Mio explains that around a week before that Shiori said she saw a girl who looked just like Shiori herself. Then Shiori felt being watched each day. A man interrupts them, asking if that ain't the shadow. Mio tells Shinpei the man is Ginjiro Nezu, a hunter. Ginjiro states its the shadow sickness, a disease endemic to this island and it used to be quite common before the war. If you are taken by the shadow sickness, you start seeing your "shadow" and all those who saw it, died, killed by it. The shadow then pretends to be the one it killed and kills the remaining family. Before leaving, Ginjiro says that his grandpa told him that the afflicted would go to Hiruko to be cleansed. Mio reveals that her grandma told her the same story when she was little. Three days before Ushio died, Mio saw Ushio's shadow. While picking up trash with Ushio and others, Ushio saw her shadow and pointed it for Mio to see. Shinpei thinks its a joke, but Mio states its truth and the shadow disappeared before their eyes. As Mio haven't told this to anyone else, Shinpei suggest they go see Hiruko like the man suggested. Shinpei recalls that Shiruko is the nickname for the Hito shrine in the northern part of the island.

The first episode opened in 2013 with Nathan (Russell Tovey) drinking and about to take an overdose. He was stopped in his tracks by an appeal on the TV from a woman asking the public to help find her missing sister Elise (Simone Ashley).

The next morning, Trixie is in the shed looking for a milk crate to give to Gary. Fred intervenes and finds it for her. At breakfast, Patsy tells sister Julienne that Barbara is sick and blames it on food poisoning.

In the morning, Gary is still sitting outside his flat when the milkman arrives. He takes the tokens down and gets milk, then summons his sister and tells her to get a cup. He pours the milk through the mail slot, losing much of it as he does.

Andor ends on a flashback, as Kassa and the older children grab their weapons and set out to investigate the crash site. He looks back at his sister, presumably one last time, before heading into the jungle as the credits roll. Not only do these flashbacks showcase an inciting incident that left a lasting impression on Cassian, but they also set up the potential to introduce his sister down the line and examine these final moments through her eyes. Wherever she is, she has to be feeling some kind of way about whatever went down on Kenari that separated her from her brother. The story there is ripe with potential angst and heartbreak.

Adora (played by Patricia Clarkson) is an interesting character. Obsessed with public image and decorum, brittle and anxious, she floats around her old house in little fluffy slippers, plucking out her own eyelashes whenever she feels threatened. But does she stray into melodrama?

Here, Cassian is following the older children into battle while also begrudgingly being forced to leave his younger sister in the village. She is not ready for battle yet, and so he leaves the young girl alone.

Suddenly, Champ's girlfriend bursts into the room holding a shotgun and starts firing shots at her cheating beau and his mistress. When the smoke clears, Wynonna recognizes the girlfriend as her sister Waverly, Waverly and Wynonna are more than happy to see each other since Wynonna had left Purgatory three years ago and they hadn't seen each other ever since. But coincidentally, the time that Wynonna came back, she turned 27, which makes Wynonna the Earp heir, which Waverly fears that a curse has returned upon the Earp family and Purgatory, which is a curse that only the Earp heir can put an end to. But before they get underway, Deputy Marshall Dolls, who's come gallivanting into town, wants a word with Wynonna. 041b061a72


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