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Our tour is a walking tour that shows you the sights around Harajuku with tour guides kitted out in Harajuku street styles like Lolita. The tour takes you from Takeshita-dōri up to Omotesandō. We introduce the people who take our tours to kawaii things and activities that are unique to Harajuku like fashion, food and entertainment.

COVID Kawaii!

Our tour guides are people who are into Harajuku street styles like Lolita and want everyone around the world to enjoy kawaii culture. While our sightseers are a diverse group of people who want to experience kawaii culture, or have an interest in Lolita fashion. Most of our visitors are from the West.

Super Cute Kawaii is a daily blog sharing the best of kawaii since 2008. Our team has 4 staff writers and a few contributors and together we cover the cutest independent makers, our favourite Japanese and Korean characters, cool shops and events worldwide + DIY crafts, reviews, giveaways, Japan travel tips and lots more! 041b061a72


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