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PowerShell Deep Dives

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PowerShell Deep Dives

As I wrote about recently, Windows 365 has a deep set of capabilities. Anytime you manage a platform, you should be thinking about how can I extend/push the limit of the platform. The answer to that almost every time will be the API. Today, we will take a look at the exposed Windows APIs and how we can use them to make Windows 365 even easier to manage and utilize. We will take a look at the framework of leveraging the API via PowerShell and then check out the various APIs that are available today.

FortiGuard Labs has been tracking Emotet since it was first discovered, and in this blog, I will provide a deep analysis of a new Emotet sample found in early May. This detailed analysis includes how to unpack the persistent payload, how Emotet malware communicates with its C2 servers, how to identify the hard-coded C2 server list and RSA key in the executable, as well as how it encrypts the data it gathers.

We see that many tech giants are in the peak of developing cmdlets and rest API methods. In addition, many third-party software providers and cloud vendors are deeply relying on PowerShell as their core Cloud automation framework to manage the services. Many IT automation engineers use PowerShell to automate the tasks. Due to its versatile nature, PowerShell best suits to build DevOps pipelines. Now, we can realize the whole many benefits with PowerShell automation.

We spent countless hours investigating Microsoft Defender telemetry and other signals from potential patient-zero machines running the backdoored version of SolarWinds DLL. Most of these machines communicated with the initial randomly generated DNS domain but without significant activity (step #1). However, we saw limited cases in May and June where the initial DNS network communication was closely followed by network activity on port 443 (HTTPS) to other legit-looking domains (step #7). On these handful of machines, we performed deep inspection of telemetry.

Some examples of [renamed-adfind] observed by Microsoft and other security researchers::SearchIndex.exesqlceip.exepostgres.exeIxNetwork.execsrss.exeT1482 Domain Trust Discovery, T1018 Remote System DiscoveryConclusionAs we continue to gain deeper understanding of the Solorigate attack, we get a clearer picture of the skill level of the attackers and the extent of planning they put into pulling off one of the most sophisticated attacks in recent history. The combination of a complex attack chain and a protracted operation means that defensive solutions need to have comprehensive cross-domain visibility into attacker activity and provide months of historical data with powerful hunting tools to investigate as far back as necessary.

Last Wednesday, we started our deep dive into PowerShell. This week, we continue our exploration of Inline .NET code when scripting. This trick allows you to extend PowerShell and to create custom commands for your environment. If you are interested in other techniques like this, pick up a copy of PowerShell Deep Dives and start really exploring PowerShell!

You can imagine that when a new Windows patch or a new version of a software is released and has to be installed on every Devices and many PCs start to download the content at the same time from a destination outside the corporate network, the Internet break outs are very busy. Or if the internet connection of a certain location has a low bandwidth the download of a large app takes a long time. But more and more organisations move their applications as well as the update management to the cloud and reduce their on premise infrastructure. To solve this problem microsoft has introduced a very good technology called Delivery Optimization. In this blog we would like to clarify what is DO and take a deeper look at how this works. 59ce067264


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