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Wip Nav Peugeot Alert Zone Torrent Downloadl


Wip Nav Peugeot Alert Zone Torrent Downloadl

How to Download and Install Peugeot Alert Zone on Wip Nav Navigation System

Peugeot Alert Zone is a service that provides you with updated information on speed cameras, danger zones, and traffic alerts on your Wip Nav navigation system. You can purchase and download Peugeot Alert Zone files from the website and install them on your SD card or USB flash drive. Here are the steps to follow:

Browse to the website and choose your vehicle using the selector.

Add a Peugeot Alert Zone product, identified by the following icon, to your basket:

Finalise your purchase by following the instructions.

On the purchase confirmation page, click on "Download installation wizard", a pop-up window will open.

If you have already installed and used the Peugeot Alert Zone wizard, proceed directly to step 11. Otherwise, follow the steps 6 to 10 to install the wizard for the first time.

In the pop-up window, click "Install now".

The Flash badge below will be displayed:

If the above badge is not displayed, this means that the Adobe Flash software is not installed on your computer or that the installed version is too old. Please click on the link displayed and follow the instructions. You will need to restart your browser.

Click on "Install Now".

You must install Adobe Air software. Click "Yes" on the next screen.

You must install the Peugeot Alert Zone wizard on your computer. Click "Install" on the next screen, then continue through successive screens, and finally "I agree".

Click on "Launch Now".

The wizard will launch, follow the instructions on screen to download and automatically install the Peugeot Alert Zone files onto your SD card or USB flash drive.

Remove the SD card or USB flash drive from your computer.

Plug the SD card or USB flash drive into the navigation system port designed for this purpose.

The navigation system will automatically detect the inserted media.

Confirm that you wish the update to start by clicking "Yes".

The update takes place automatically.

When the update has finished, a message notifies you that the Peugeot Alert Zones have been added to the Europe cartography on the navigation system's hard drive.

Remove the SD card or USB flash drive from the navigation system.

You can now configure the navigation system to enable or disable Peugeot Alert Zone audible and visual alerts in menu: Navigation > Options > Guidance options > Danger zones alert. For more details, please refer to your vehicle's user manual or visit 061ffe29dd


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