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Mod Slots - Located at the upper center of the screen, Mod Slots are the centerpiece of the Upgrade section, where mods can be slotted in to modify the item's performance, represented by two rows of blank rectangles. A single Mod fits only in a single Mod Slot, and thus the number of Mod Slots is the main factor in how many Mods a particular item can use. Primary Weapons, Secondary Weapons and Sentinel Weapons have a maximum of 8 available mod slots in 2 rows of 4 slots each, while Warframes and Melee Weapons have an additional 9th slot dedicated to Aura and Stance mods respectively that sit above the main mod slots, and finally Companions have 10 mod slots in 2 rows of 5 slots each. Warframes also have an additional slot beside the Aura slot reserved exclusively for Exilus Mods, which must be unlocked with an Exilus Adapter. The arrangement of different Mods in the Mod Slots is called a Config, which is the loadout or build that determines the overall performance of the item. Every item has can save up to three different Config loadouts labelled A, B and C, which can be accessed at the very top of the Mod Slots segment, and players can switch and activate between available Configs while in the Upgrade section, allowing for premade builds to be brought up instantly. Each Config loadout can also be renamed by players to allow for more descriptive labeling.


We give aid to Israel (sure they don't use our aid to oppress Palestinians, but our aid makes it possible for them to have money left over to do just that!). We VETO every UN resolution that asks Israel and Palestinians to settle the peace negotiation. We go to war with Iraq and possibly Iran for Israel. We get attacked on U.S soil and U.S properties abroad alike all for siding with Israel. I agree that Israel is a valid cause to back but is it worth putting our safety our world-image and our ECONOMY on the line? There are many other valid causes in the world that we don't champion the way we do Israel...WHY?Can someone explain...WHAT IS IN IT FOR AMERICA??

Such event makes people of other countries to believe that America is, really, sorry for her vicious acts in the past; the attack on Iraq [with 1000000 casualty, ... ], the fabrication of American-Embassy-Hostages-taking-in Tehran [by Kissinger, Rockefeller, Ashraf Pahlavi, and one other person -- who thought of it to happen by "radical-students" as a "revolutionary"-like-act so that America uses the excuse to by freezing Iran's assets, imposing sanctions, and having Saddam to attack Iran cause PROBLEM for the revolution fail/not-become-successful in establishing Mardom-Saalari/Democracy in Iran AND that other countries in the region think twice to emulate it. We, hypocritically, state/shout/pretend that we want to export/establish Democracy to the region yet we cause/make so many problems to prevent its establishment in Iran that its people[, with inspiration of independence and aim of removal of resources-plundering-tentacles/suckers/hooks from their land], had dared to revolt and topple the brutal government that we had helped to be established in there by our CIA-guided Cout d'Etats of 1953 against Dr. Mohammad Mossaddegh; the DEMOCRATICALLY-elected Prime Minister of our puppet in there; naming "Shah" ["Shahanshah"-e-Iran/"the King of the Kings" Mohammadreza Pahlavi]. In that event (joyous Obama as President), one thing that I want you to promise me is that you would be treating Iran and other countries as equals and that you would treat them with respect without attitudes and condescending-treatment. If you do that, then people of Iran themselves[assured of absence of any kind of outside danger/pressure] without asking for outside-help, would rise against their oppressive/tyrannical government and, peacefully, convince/persuade the tyrants-in-charge to step down and return the power back to the people and to their real representatives; without having to, any longer, tolerate the insult of somebody at the top of power-pyramid whose title, "GUARDIANship of Faghih/Savant" over people/the-whole-nation" [an ultimate insult to people of Iran], means the "Faghih"/"leader" represents, as [the "Faghih/Savant" or "leader" Khomeini and other self-declared savants without any shame dared to utter it] to be the Guardian of all the members of society -- except for few self-declared-savants-- that is, every member of the people of Iran are minor/stupid/retards who need to have a Guardian to decide for them. When outside pressure/danger threatens the country, to diffuse it, people of Iran tend to gather, around whatever government they have in their country; even if it is a brutal/tyrannical/oppressive government such as the one that is ruling in Iran right now. You should NOT listen to what those blue-blooded Pro-Shah individuals who, no longer, are in charge -- not able to suck life out of people -- who live abroad [in LA, Van Couver, London, Paris, ...]. You, having have had several-century-long history of suffrage of brutal tic/oppressive exploitation, [I am sure that] understand the resentment that is ensued as the result of 110-years long resources-plunder and humiliating treatments (by West of Iran). Does it make sense to go to a shop and, instead of saying "HIGH"/asking "HOW ARE YOU", BULLYINGLY with a blue-blooded condescending attitude humiliate, threaten and demand the shop-keeper that has something that we need so badly to give it to us? I am sure that if we treat people of Iran with respect and equals, they would be more than happy to be friends and trade with us. Let us "not do what we would not appreciate others do to us". You should bow to the will of people of Iran regarding their decision to have [or not to have] full nuclear fuel cycle capability and NOT wanting to be dependant on the outsiders that, for several time, have amassed their money but broke their contract with Iran without compensation [like France, Germany, USA]. People of Iran have the same right as we, for several times, have stated to have; the right of not reliance on others to give us our nuclear fuel. Please, let [together with your Secretary of State] us ask for and pray for forgiveness of God and people of Iran for our tresspassings that have inflicted harm and WRONGS on them. Promise me that you will put an end to our political abuses of the United Nations and its security arm, namely, the United Nations Security Council AND by removal of the illegally obtained sanctions-imposing resolutions and release of Iran's assets together with compensating Iran for our TRESSPASSes/Wrongs ask them to, once again, become our friend What I am seeing [because of what I have seen of the racist people of our country] is that Republicans love to have you or Hillary as the NOMINEE of the Democratic Party because they believe that they can beat you both easily because of the color of skin and gender prejudice/discrimination. I believe that Republicans are very happy; now that John Edwards pulled out of the race. Although I crave for seeing your popularity to be genuine and true, because of the ignorance and embedded racism in our country, I am a kind of worried that it is the racist tactic of Republican party that might have instructed their members to vote for you so that they make you the nominee of the Democratic Party for to, then [during the face-to-face competition], by turning on their vicious attack machine and having their members [amongst which the most racist ones who normally do not vote] to cast their votes for Republican nominee; and once again very easily [for another four years] steal the Presidency from the people. I hope I am wrong. Call me skeptic, ... but I think it is a very wishful thinking [of Caroline and Senator Kennedy] to think that racist Republicans, as well as Asians/Hispanics -- who seem not to like "Blacks -- and prejudiced White Democrats, would vote for an African American even at this day and age [in 21st century].

What makes me really sick is that the Clintons are race baiting to try to divide the electorate in South Carolina to scaremonger the white vote away from their opponent. The Clintons would love for this election to be about race and gender, old identity politics, vote for your own and screw the rest who aren't like you, because there are more women likely to vote for the Clintons than blacks likely to vote for Obama. The white women versus the blacks. Great. This sounds like race baiting in the old segregated South that the Clintons so rail against. Now that's selflessness for you! And to those who say they are no better than the Republicans, I agree that the Clintons give Karl Rove a run for his money.

I am sick of this. It's disgusting. The Clintons have cashed out the Presidency to the tune of Dick Cheney money. When is America going to call them on this?? This is not leadership. It's greed. Pure and simple. And it's part of a pattern of smarmy questionable gains - see them in Hillary's bio on Wikipedia, including the amazing $100,000 she made in 10 months on a $1,000 investment, the $1 million blind trust when Bill took office in 1993 that the Clintons rapidly turned into a whopping $23 million.

For 2008, social security cost of living increase (meant to hedge against inflation) was 2.3%. Gasoline up 30%, milk up 29%, heating costs up similarly and every item of food grown using tractors or commodity trucked into your stores has gone up and the fed gives 2.3% when even a conservative estimate is 6%. What does this mean? It means friends like my neigbor who retired at 62 when she seriously broke her leg and had trouble standing in her old job, is losing buying power. Although it looks like she gets more money from Social Security and her indexed retirement funds, the buying power is dropping. So at age 70 and in frail health she has taken a job at a pre-school part time to make ends meet. This stealth operation is not mentioned by any of the candidates running for office (with the possible exception of Ron Paul). The fed has known for a long time promised benefits were unsustainable for the boomers but starving those now dependent seems very cruel and almost inhuman to me. Sadly, those on disability, some who are not mentally able to understand are faced with the same loss of spending power. What happens to them?At the same time, more and more dollars are being printed to lower the value of the dollars so goods can be competitive overseas. The combination of more dollars, fractional CPI increases,is causing much pain. Shouldn't this be discussed openly in the public forum? 041b061a72


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