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Jose Rizal Movie: A Biopic of the Philippine National Hero Starring Cesar Montano

Jose Rizal Movie: A Biopic of the Philippine National Hero Starring Cesar Montano

If you are interested in learning more about the life and works of Jose Rizal, the Philippine national hero, you might want to watch the 1998 biographical film directed by Marilou Diaz-Abaya and starring Cesar Montano as Jose Rizal. The film was based on a true story of Filipino patriot Jose Rizal, who was imprisoned under the Spanish colonization and tells Rizal's story until the final day of his execution.

The film covers various aspects of Rizal's life, such as his childhood, education, profession, love affairs, writings, and involvement in the reform movement. It also shows key scenes from his two novels Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo, which exposed the abuses and injustices of the Spanish colonial regime. The film also depicts his friendship with Luis Taviel de Andrade, a Spanish lawyer who defended him in his trial, and his hallucinations of his alter ego Simoun, the protagonist of El Filibusterismo.

Jose Rizal Movie Cesar Montano Download 254

The film was released in 1998 as part of the Philippine Centennial celebrations and was an official entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival. It was the most expensive film in the history of Filipino cinema with a budget of over â80 million. It also won 17 awards out of 21 nominations, making it the first film with the most MMFF award wins.

Cesar Montano, who played the role of Jose Rizal, underwent intensive training for his role. He learned languages such as Spanish, French, German and Latin, as well as skills such as fencing, painting, drawing, sculpture, and other skills that Rizal excelled in. He also cancelled everything else on his schedule to concentrate on the film.

The film is widely regarded as one of the best Filipino films ever made and a masterpiece of Philippine cinema. It is also considered as an accurate and faithful portrayal of Rizal's life and legacy. It has been shown in various international film festivals and has received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike.

If you want to watch this film online, you can download it from, a Chinese video-sharing website that offers various movies and shows for free. The link for the download is The file size is 254 MB and the video quality is good. You can also find subtitles in different languages if you need them.

Enjoy watching this film and learn more about Jose Rizal, the Philippine national hero!

Some of the highlights of the film are the following scenes:

  • The opening scene where Andres Bonifacio and his fellow Katipuneros tear their cedulas as a sign of rebellion against the Spanish rule.

  • The flashback scene where Rizal witnesses the execution of the three Filipino priests Gomez, Burgos and Zamora, who were falsely accused of subversion.

  • The scene where Rizal meets his first love Leonor Rivera and writes her a poem.

  • The scene where Rizal travels to Europe and meets other Filipino reformists such as Marcelo H. del Pilar and Graciano Lopez Jaena.

  • The scene where Rizal publishes his first novel Noli Me Tangere and receives acclaim and criticism from various sectors.

  • The scene where Rizal returns to the Philippines and establishes La Liga Filipina, a civic organization that aims to unite the Filipinos and promote peaceful reforms.

  • The scene where Rizal is exiled to Dapitan and meets his second love Josephine Bracken.

  • The scene where Rizal volunteers to serve as a doctor in Cuba during the Spanish-American War.

  • The scene where Rizal is arrested in Barcelona and brought back to Manila for trial.

  • The scene where Rizal defends himself in court and delivers his famous speech "Mi Ultimo Adios".

  • The final scene where Rizal is executed by firing squad in Bagumbayan (now Luneta Park) and his body is secretly buried in Paco Cemetery.

The film also features an impressive cast of Filipino actors who played various roles in Rizal's life. Some of them are Joel Torre as Crisostomo Ibarra/Simoun, Chin Chin Gutierrez as Josephine Bracken, Mickey Ferriols as Leonor Rivera, Monique Wilson as Maria Clara, Pen Medina as Paciano Rizal, Gloria Diaz as Teodora Alonso, Gardo Versoza as Andres Bonifacio, Jaime Fabregas as Luis Taviel de Andrade, Tony Mabesa as Camilo de Polavieja, Peque Gallaga as Archbishop Bernardo Nozaleda, and Jhong Hilario as Rizal's prison servant.

The film also boasts of a remarkable production design, cinematography, editing, music, and costumes that capture the historical period and atmosphere of Rizal's time. The film was shot in various locations in the Philippines and abroad, such as Manila, Laguna, Bulacan, Cavite, Dapitan, Hong Kong, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, and Singapore. The film also used authentic props and costumes from the 19th century to recreate the scenes faithfully.

The film also received praise for its educational value and social relevance. The film not only tells the story of Rizal's life but also reflects on the issues and challenges that he faced and that are still relevant today. The film also inspires the viewers to emulate Rizal's ideals and values and to continue his fight for freedom and justice. 0efd9a6b88


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