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Nature Video Download 30 Sec | Find and Download the Perfect Nature Video for Your Needs

Native plants and pollinators presentation by Brucie Moulton of Sustainable Arlington and Mystic-Charles Pollinator Pathways Group. You don't have to go far to find nature. It's all around us right where we live. Learn about the native pollinators that rely on our yards, gardens and parks. Find out how to make pollinator-friendly habitat (it's not hard!). Learn about linking pollinator habitat through pollinator pathways and a local mapping project. Discover how to identify plants and pollinators with iNaturalist.

A tool like Synthesia simplifies the video editing and creation process while allowing users to customize videos as they please. Create, edit, customize, and download videos in just a few clicks. Explore our selection of video templates for inspiration and create videos for yourself or your business/brand in minutes.

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Below, shaded relief images of deeply eroded volcanic terrain in northeast Tanzania demonstrate the improved nature of the highest-resolution SRTM data now being released. The image at left has data samples spaced every 90 meters (295 feet); the image at right has samples spaced every 30 meters (98 feet).Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/National Geospatial Intelligence AgencyClick on the image for a detailed comparison, including an animation

However, not all free stock video websites are created equal. Some claim to be free, but if you dig a little deeper, you may discover download limits and content with watermarks that are not always for commercial use.

Pexels offers thousands of free stock videos from a large variety of categories to help creators bring beautiful designs and products to life. The great thing about Pexels is that it allows you to choose the quality of your stock videos by providing download links for various resolutions.

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You don't need to subscribe to their website to download stock videos for free. However, you can sign-up free of charge to find and follow videographers who contribute to the website regularly, as well as to save your download history.

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which is marked by mesquite, catclaw acacia, and netleaf hackberry on rounded sandy slopes or higher sand terraces.The old high-water zone is especially fragile because it no longer receives moisture, sand or nutrients from natural annual floods that reached over 100,000 cfs prior to the construction of Glen Canyon Dam and is not replenished by experimental high flows.Damage to root systems from soil compaction and erosion and to biological soil crusts by camping or social trails may be irreversible due to the extremely fragile nature of the old high-water zone.

How to Teach Nature Journaling is the comprehensive guide for educators, parents and those who wish to mentor others to develop journaling skills. It is available both as a printed book and a free PDF download. If you love the book, please consider making a donation or purchasing a copy from my store if you are able to do so. Order or download it here.

The second edition of the acclaimed curriculum, Opening the World through Journaling: Integrating art, science, and language arts, is also available as a free download. Download the curriculum here. Much of the material in this guide has been updated and revised in How to Teach Nature Journaling. This edition was created with the support of the California Native Plant Society by John Muir Laws, Emilie Lygren, Emily Brueunig, and Celeste Lopez. This edition can be used in schoolyards, camps, nature centers, and family outings. It is geared primarily towards children age 8 and up, and meets California state standards for grades 3 through 7 but works just as well for teenagers and adults. The 2nd edition has many improvements and a wonderful new section of poetry writing activities. These activities teach children to become keen observers of the natural world by drawing and writing about plants and animals in the field. In a set of nested games and activities, students gain confidence in drawing and writing as a way to gather information. Using a set of key prompts, children and adults also discover a language to create poetry from their observations. They employ these skills and tools to put together a field guide, make treasure maps, and write poems and stories. Keeping a field journal develops and reinforces the most important science process skills; observation and documentation. All other parts of the process of science depend on these skills. We assume that we are naturally good observers, but learning to really see is a skill that must be learned and developed. Journal activities tie directly to the State of California science framework content standards and the visual and performing arts framework content standards. This project is funded to date by the JiJi Foundation.

Also, consider joining our How to Teach Nature Journaling Facebook Group, where we are building a community of nature journaling educators to ask questions, share strategies, and inspire each other on this journey.

It appears that the link to download the book is broken. I am doing a teacher workshop on Nature Journaling and wanted to let them know about this resource as well as get to know the guide a bit as pre-work for our workshop.

Hi Molly, Thank you for discovering the error in my store. The whole thing was broken but I got under the hood and fixed it. The download of the curriculum is now available. Let me know how else I can support the teacher education work you are doing!

Hi, I have always loved your work! Next year I will be creating an outdoor ed program for a k-8 school and I want nature journaling to be a big part of that. Our school has many kids with dysgraphia and other challenges when it comes to writing/drawing by hand. These students have accommodations in regular classrooms to use digital tools. Have you produced any videos with tips (or have advice you can share) on how to engage and support students who have a very difficult time writing and drawing by hand when introducing nature journaling?

Hi! I am a home school mom in Colorado. I stumbled across this website today and am very excited about what you have available. I am trying to integrate nature study in our curriculum to encourage my girls to observe the beautiful world that surrounds us. Our first term we will be studying John James Audubon and learning about the various birds in our region. I am also an artist and love being able to share my love of painting nature with my girls. Your instructions on drawing animals will be a great addition to our curriculum. Just wanted to thank you for this amazing resource. Any tips on anything else you think would be beneficial for a home school environment is greatly appreciated.

Hey John- REALLY enjoyed our time with you here in Santa Cruz at the teacher leadership institute! I am so inspired and am trying to plan my kick-off of nature journaling with my 2nd grade students when school starts in the fall.

Does any of your curriculum include guides on how to launch nature journaling in the classroom? If so, how do I find/access that? I bought your bigger book on Monday and I (and my 10 year old son have already begun pouring through it!).

"Human Nature" is an R&B track where the sound of drums and the sample is heard looping throughout, with Madonna sarcastically asking rhetorical questions based on her real-life actions over the prior two years. The song received mostly positive reviews from music critics who have later noted its anthemic and empowering nature. "Human Nature" became a moderate hit in the United States, peaking at number 46 on the Billboard Hot 100 and at number two on the Hot Dance Club Play chart. In the United Kingdom, the single entered the chart and peaked at number eight and it also charted within the Top 10 in Italy and the Top 20 in Australia.

However, the singer was still seething about how the media had treated her unfairly over the last two years.[8] When she started working with producer Dave Hall on the album, she wrote an answer song for the media. Titled "Human Nature", it directly addressed the media and the press who had criticized her for dealing with taboo issues with her previous record and tried to punish her for that. "I'm saying in the song that I'm giving my back to them. I'm not sorry", Madonna explained.[9] Described by Billboard as "Madonna taking on her critics more directly than ever with a logical, defiant attack on slut-shaming", the song was also about closing the book on the previous two years of her life.[10][11] "Human Nature" eventually became the fourth and final single released from Bedtime Stories on June 6, 1995, by Maverick Records.[12] 25 years later, the remixes were uploaded to streaming and digital download services in celebration of its anniversary, in the midst of Pride Month.


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