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How to Download the Historical Atlas of India by Spectrum PDF

The Historical Atlas of India by Spectrum is a useful book for students and scholars of Indian history. It contains maps, texts, and exercises that cover the geographical, cultural, and political aspects of India from prehistoric times to the present day. The book also provides guidelines on how to remember and locate historical places on a blank map.

If you want to download the PDF version of this book, you have a few options:

You can buy the e-book from the official website of Spectrum Books Pvt Ltd for Rs. 250. You will need to register and pay online, and then you will get a link to download the PDF file. The website is

You can borrow the book from Scribd, an online library that offers unlimited access to books, audiobooks, magazines, and documents for a monthly subscription fee. You can sign up for a free trial and then download the PDF file from

You can also find a free copy of the book on the Internet Archive, a non-profit digital library that preserves and provides access to millions of books, movies, music, and websites. You can download the PDF file from However, this is an older edition of the book published in 1914 by Charles Joppen, so it may not be as updated and accurate as the Spectrum edition.

Whichever option you choose, make sure you respect the copyright laws and use the book for personal and educational purposes only.

The Historical Atlas of India by Spectrum is divided into three sections. The first section presents a historical review of India in maps, showing the changes and developments in the Indian subcontinent from the prehistoric cultures to the post-independence period. The second section gives the sites of historical places of India, arranged alphabetically and accompanied by brief descriptions of their significance. The third section gives the sites pertaining to specific facets of Indian history and culture, such as religions, languages, arts, architecture, literature, science, and trade.

The book is designed to help students prepare for the history optional paper of the UPSC Civil Services (Main) examination, as well as other competitive exams that test the knowledge of Indian history. The book also aims to enhance the general awareness and interest of readers in the rich and diverse heritage of India. The book is based on authentic sources and updated information, and it follows the latest syllabus and examination trends.

The book is written in a simple and lucid language, and it uses clear and colorful maps to illustrate the historical facts and concepts. The book also provides practice exercises and solutions to help students test their understanding and retention of the topics. The book is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to learn more about the history and geography of India. 061ffe29dd


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