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[S1E7] Moving Screens

As a result of all of this, the episode becomes a character involved and at times emotionally moving examination of the cultural pressures surrounding the LGBTQ community, whether physically, financially, or emotionally.

[S1E7] Moving Screens

Majority Rule was well received by TV audiences, and enjoys an 8.5 rating on IMDB.[20] It was seen by 4.18 million viewers in the United States, the most since episode two Command Performance and the most since moving to the Thursday night 9 p.m. time slot.[21] With an additional three million DVR viewers, the episode had 7.28 million total viewers, second only to the pilot Old Wounds.

Russo and his men (all masked) enter the smoky room cautiously, red laser sights bright in the smoke. One of the men is attacked from behind, his laser sight going wild. Russo sees the laser moving uncontrollably and switches his sight off, moving to get his back against a wall and wait for an opportunity to kill Castle. Castle takes out the other two men silently and grabs one of their guns.

Chandler interviews Eric, a fashion photographer who informs Chandler that models would be at the apartment from time to time if he was to move in, and that his sister is a porn star. Chandler decides that Eric will be his new roommate and rushes through his interview with Joey after the latter believed him to be gay until Chandler tells him otherwise. Mr. Heckles shows up and when Eric informs Heckles that he is moving in with Chandler, Heckles claims that he is Chandler's roommate and sends Eric away. Chandler thinks he just never showed up, being angry with him and reluctantly accepts Joey as his new roommate, which Monica approves of. They bond over Baywatch and beers.

With a wildfire raging in Los Angeles, Ryan dropped off supplies at the station as a contribution to the Seattle Fire Department's efforts to support LAFD. He informed Andy that the day after Ripley's funeral, he would move to San Diego for a few months with Jenna as they had both been accepted into a tactical paramedic program. She told him she was happy for him and he replied he was happy for her and Sullivan, too, having seen them holding hands after Ripley's death. She claimed there was nothing going on and left for a call on the aid car. After the funeral, Ryan hung out at the wake with the firefighters. He complimented Robert on his moving eulogy and they played shuffleboard together.[30] 041b061a72


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