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This javascript library is no longer used in core, but is included for backwards compatibility only. As the original swfupload project has been abandoned, the version currently included with WordPress is a separate branch that includes updates for security.


I' m not sure if this is the right place to post my suggestion, but i'll give it a try.Moodle lacks a funtion to upload multiple files inside the webbrowser (i know webdav provides this functionality..).So i tried to integrate swfupload (from into the file-upload-site of moodle andmanaged to make it work. Perhaps it's possible to take the code and integrate it in future versions of moodle.You can find a short description of "moodle flashupload" here:

Starting from ATutor 1.6.2, the entire source code of the Fluid Package is installed under /jscripts/fluid-components in the ATutor installation directory. In previous releases, only files from /fluid-components/js of the Fluid Package were installed directly in /jscripts and did not include folders such as /css and /swfupload.

Whenever a file gets uploaded, the swfupload_f9.swf calls a file handler (/include/lib/upload.php) which saves the file to its proper location. Therefore, the URL of the file handler (specified by "uploadURL") must be relative to swfupload_f9.swf

The current Uploader of the Fluid Package (v0.4beta1) relies on the use of Flash, where swfupload_f9.swf is called by a Javascript wrapper. This poses a problem for an ATutor user who may not have Flash installed. Therefore, it is necessary to provide an alternative method for uploading files when Flash cannot be detected from the user's browser. The current implementation in ATutor does so by providing a simple single-file uploader.


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