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OneCompiler supports Gradle for dependency management. Users can add dependencies in the build.gradle file and use them in their programs. When you add the dependencies for the first time, the first run might be a little slow as we download the dependencies, but the subsequent runs will be faster. Following sample Gradle configuration shows how to add dependencies

I am using NOKIA6, After NOV monthly security update, we are facing this issue. Even NOKIA support team doesn't have proper info about the fix and ETA. Try this work around: disable and force stop the default 'messages' app and download any third party sms app ( I am using 'sms organizer' app of Microsoft) and make this as a defult message app. Then in the battery setting --> activity manager --> white list your sms app. This is working for me.

MS-FINDER can be used as the local software program in Windows PC. The program can import ASCII format files including MSP (EI-MS and MS/MS) or improved MSP (both MS and MS/MS, the file extension must be MAT.). In addition, the users can directly make the query in the MS-FINDER graphical user interface. Moreover, this program can be called from the MS-DIAL program which is downloadable at _Software/MS-DIAL/index.html. 781b155fdc


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