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Like Father Like Son Lil Wayne Mp3 __FULL__ Download

[Intro]There ain't no love likeLike father like son, nigga[Verse 1: Birdman]YeahIt's filthy with quarter ki's in the kitchen on 'emTha block is hot but we out here gettin it on 'emAnd keep a tool everytime we hit the streetsCause these niggas act a fool and we be quick to put it on 'emThem tear drops homie we so notThe nigga to fuck with cause we will pop.40 cal keep it cocked nigga ready to blockKeep a gun a extra clip homie thats how we rockAnd like father like son daddy we dont borrowWe stay on the grind homie cause we grind harderAnd fuckin with me homie you won't likeYou be the next t-shirt, we in ya hood all nightWe got birds flyin out and we've allowed the pipesWe do this state to state thing and cheat the priceAnd Rufus came home and I told him to shaveBut he was tellin me about them pussy niggas back in the eighties, baby[Hook][Verse 2: Lil Wayne]ListenBirdman put me on when I was just elevenHe was my teacher, so I was like fuck the lessonHe was my preacher, so I was like fuck the reverendMy mother Cita, she said that I was with the devilMy mother Cita, now say that he was sent from heavenSo, I take heed to every single word that he tell meAnd I remember what my poppa told meRemember what my poppa told me, Young Stunna

like father like son lil wayne mp3 download


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