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Directions for downloading: Just click on the name of the file you want to download. When Windows asks where you want to download it, choose a folder on your computer (make sure you remember where it's downloading it to so you can find it later when you import it). Start up AccuChef and either open the cookbook file you want to import the recipes into or create a new cookbook. Choose Import from the File menu and select the file you just downloaded. If the ZIP file contains more than one file select the one that contains the recipes (usually has no extension or a MMF extension). AccuChef will then import the recipes into the cookbook! Remember: With AccuChef, there is no need to UNZIP the files first, just point to the ZIP file as the import file. AccuChef will use its built in PKZIP engine to unzip the file and import it (it's not just called like other recipe programs)!

Download 684K zip

Download Zip:

For program source code, go to the Microsoft Press page and click Companion Content at the right, or download individual source code files and executables from or the complete CD as (709K).

The remainder of this article steps through the procedure that I used for installing oracle-rdbms-server-11gR2-preinstall on Oracle Linux via the Oracle public yum repository. The same steps outlined in the following section can be used for either version of the preinstall RPM package. I started with a system running Oracle Linux Release 6 Update 4 for x86_64, a 64-bit version of Oracle Linux that I downloaded from the Oracle software delivery cloud (requires registration or login). First, I set up a yum configuration file that pointed to the correct repository, and then I installed the oracle-rdbms-server-11gR2-preinstall RPM from that repository.

Data collection software has been developed and tested on each of the following devices. Selecting a device will download a self-extracting file containing the software for that device, similar software that runs on any Windows 7, or later, Forest Service desktop or laptop, Regional Templates, and help files. 041b061a72


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