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41 : Luffy At Full Power! Nami's Determination ...


Usopp tries to distract Arlong with a rubber band, but fails miserably. Zoro strikes at Arlong's nose with his sword, but it has no effect at all. Arlong says if Zoro was at full strength, he may have been able to scratch him. As Arlong starts to overpower Zoro, Hatchan suddenly makes it back to his feet. Hatchan seems to be on guard from something, but it turns out he thought that Usopp's rubber band was going to hit him. Hatchan then turns his attention to Zoro telling him that he will get back at Zoro by going after Sanji. Hatchan dives into the water much to Zoro's shock and Arlong tells Zoro they are all going to die anyway. Arlong then stabs Zoro with his saw nose. 781b155fdc


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