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Spring 3.0 5 Release Jar Download Fix


Changes were made to the DataSourceTransactionManager as follows as compared to version 3.1.1 Supports JDBC 2.0 Supports JDBC 2.1 Supports H2 as a drop-in replacement for HSQLDB Supports HSQLDB as a drop-in replacement for HSQLDB

Version 5.0.0 is a release that provides OMRI-based JBoss and WildFly an enterprise-ready version of Spring which is a full production-ready application framework and web services framework. Note that since its inception, at least one Spring project has released an enterprise version of its software, known as Spring Framework 5.0 . It is likely that this remains the case, but this has not yet been guaranteed.

At this time, the Spring Framework 3.1.2 release includes changes to the documentation of the DataSourceTransactionManager, JNDI 1.2, JMS 1.1, OpenSessionInView and Android support for the Spring Initializr. Many of these changes are not backward compatible. However there are also upgrades to some of the more controversial or controversial components. Please read through these notes carefully.

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