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Gas Turbine Simulation Program

Gas Turbine Simulation Program :::

Gas Turbine Simulation Program

Gas turbine Simulation Program: A Powerful Tool for Gas Turbine Design and Analysis

Gas turbine Simulation Program (GSP) is a software package that allows users to model virtually any gas turbine cycle for design, steady-state or transient analysis. GSP is developed by the Gas Turbine Team at Delft University of Technology, and has been used by many academic and industrial partners worldwide.

GSP has a number of key features that make it a flexible and user-friendly tool for gas turbine simulation. Some of these features are:

Full thermo-chemical gas model that allows specification of the gas and fuel composition, including water vapor, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, methane, ethane, propane, butane, pentane, hexane, heptane and octane.

Simple intuitive graphical user interface that enables users to create cycles and configure components using drag-and-drop functionality.

Component-based approach that allows users to define their own components or use predefined components from a library.

Ability to perform design-point, off-design and transient analysis of gas turbine cycles, including start-up, shut-down, load changes and faults.

Ability to export results to Excel, Matlab or other formats for further processing and visualization.

If you are interested in learning more about GSP or downloading a free trial version, please visit can be used for various applications of gas turbine simulation, such as:

Design and optimization of new gas turbine cycles and components, including hybrid cycles that combine gas turbines with renewable energy sources.

Performance analysis and prediction of existing gas turbine systems under different operating conditions and scenarios.

Control system design and validation for gas turbine operation and management.

Diagnostics and prognostics of gas turbine faults and degradation.

GSP has been successfully applied by many academic and industrial partners for gas turbine simulation projects. Some examples are:

The Gas Turbine Team at Delft University of Technology has used GSP to develop novel gas turbine cycles, such as the Humid Air Turbine (HAT) cycle, the Semi-Closed Oxy-Fuel Combustion Combined Cycle (SCOC-CC), and the Supercritical CO2 Brayton cycle.

Siemens AG has used GSP to perform probabilistic analyses of low cycle fatigue of gas turbine housing under geometric variations and their influence on the fatigue behavior [^2^].

Ansys has used GSP to design, model and simulate gas turbines for various applications, such as aerospace, power generation, marine and industrial [^1^].

A research group at Qatar University has used GSP to simulate and control the dynamic performance of gas turbines used for hybrid gas/wind energy applications [^3^].

GSP is a powerful tool for gas turbine simulation that can help users to achieve their design and analysis goals. GSP is constantly updated with new features and improvements to meet the evolving needs of the gas turbine industry. a474f39169


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