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Italian Movie 2021 Download Episode 2.35

The following titles are being released on Tuesday, Jan. 31, unless otherwise noted:Bones and All (Blu-ray)Details: 2022, Warner Bros. Home EntertainmentRated: R, strong and bloody violent content, nudity, language, sexual contentThe lowdown: This is a road-trip love story about two young people who share a unique obsession that keeps them on the margins of society.That these two people \u2014 wonderfully brought to life by Taylor Russell (outstanding as the young sister in 2019\u2019s \u201CWaves\u201D) and the always dependable Timoth\u00E9e Chalamet \u2014 also are into cannibalism makes director Luca Guadagnino\u2019s film more appetizing (sorry, could not resist).Guadagnino, who directed the tender \u201CCall Me By Your Name,\u201D offers another romance between people society would consider not just outsiders but repellant.While \u201CBones and All\u201D offers a few graphic sequences, the cannibalism is not the movie\u2019s main focus. Guadagnino is more interested in the growing relationship between Russell\u2019s Maren and Chalamet\u2019s Lee, their interactions with each other, others who share their fixation and their interactions with \u201Cnormal\u201D people.The movie is set in the 1980s, a time before cellphones and social media, so people such as Maren and Lee could live under the radar.It is dark and disturbing, but never morbid. It\u2019s also soulful and mournful with a sweetness that you can almost taste. Most critics agreed, awarding the movie an 82 percent fresh rating at Rotten Tomatoes.This is a work of beauty and brutality held together by performances that will stay with you for a long time.Technical aspects: 1080p high definition, 1.85:1 widescreen picture; English Dolby Atmos TrueHD, Dolby digital descriptive audio and French and Spanish 5.1 Dolby digital; English SDH, French and Spanish subtitles.Don\u2019t miss: Bonus features include a look inside the making of the movie, the vision of the film, an \u201COutsiders in Love\u201D featurette and profiles of the main characters.Violent Night: Collector\u2019s Edition (Blu-ray + DVD + digital)Release date: Jan. 24Details: 2022, Universal Pictures Home EntertainmentRated: R, strong bloody violence, language, sexual referencesThe lowdown: Santa Claus shows you what happens when you are naughty in this action-thriller from the producers of \u201CJohn Wick.\u201DA team of mercenaries break into a wealthy family compound on Christmas Eve and take everyone hostage.But Santa is on the grounds and he is a bad-ass.The movie is crammed with very bloody and violent images, but is grounded by David Harbour\u2019s performance as Santa.The film, which earned a 73 percent fresh rating at Rotten Tomatoes, should join \u201CDie Hard\u201D and \u201CKrampus\u201D as fun Christmas viewing.Technical aspects: Blu-ray: 1080p high definition, 2.39:1 widescreen picture; English 7.1 DTS-HD Master Audio, 2.0 DVS, French 5.1 DTS digital surround and Spanish 7.1 DTS-HD; English SDH, French and Spanish subtitles; DVD: 2.39:1 anamorphic widescreen picture; English, French and Spanish 5.1 Dolby digital and English 2.0 DVS; English SDH, French and Spanish subtitles.Don\u2019t miss: Extras include deleted and extended scenes, behind-the-scenes featurettes and a commentary track.The Lady from Shanghai (Blu-ray)Details: 1948, Kino Lorber Studio ClassicsRated: Not ratedThe lowdown: Orson Welles wrote, directed and starred in this classic film noir feature along with his then-wife Rita Hayworth.Welles, speaking with an Irish accent, portrays seaman Michael O\u2019Hara who is hired to work on a yacht belonging to the rich and disabled Arthur Bannister (Everett Sloane). Also on board is Bannister\u2019s femme fatale wife, Elsa,The movie is very plot heavy as it features a complex murder-for-hire plot, a fake murder and various double crosses.The movie was heavily edited and reshoots were ordered by Columbia Pictures studio boss Harry Cohn, who hated Welles\u2019 original cut. Cohn also was angry that Welles had Hayworth cut her auburn hair and dye it platinum blonde.The film is best remembered for its remarkable hall of mirrors shootout during the finale, a sequence that \u2014 again, on orders from Cohn \u2014 was cut from its original length to about three minutes.Still, the movie came to be appreciated much later, earning an 84 percent fresh rating at Rotten Tomatoes.Technical aspects: 1080p high definition, 1.37:1 full-screen picture; English 2.0 DTS-HD Master Audio monaural; English subtitles.Don\u2019t miss: Bonus options include comments by film noir historian Eddie Muller, a 2000 interview with filmmaker Peter Bogdanovich and three commentary tracks.Dawn of the Dead: Collector\u2019s Edition (4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray)Details: 2004, Scream FactoryRated: R, gore, strong violence, language, sexual situationsThe lowdown: This remake of George A. Romero\u2019s sequel to \u201CNight of the Living Dead\u201D abandons most of Romero\u2019s social commentary but keeps the gore and violence.The movie, with an updated screenplay by James Gunn and directed by Zack Snyder, focuses on a group of survivors who hole up in a shopping mall while a mysterious virus transforms people into mindless, flesh-eating zombies.The cast includes Sarah Polley, Ving Rhames, Jake Weber, Mekhi Phifer and Ty Burrell.The film is scary, savage and disturbing, earning a 76 percent fresh rating at Rotten Tomatoes.The three-disc set features the unrated cut of the movie, which is nine minutes longer than the theatrical cut, on 4K UHD and Blu-ray discs and the theatrical version on the second Blu-ray disc.Technical aspects: 4K: 2160p ultra high definition, 2.35:1 widescreen picture; English 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio and stereo; English SDH subtitles; Blu-ray: 1080p high definition, 2.35:1 widescreen picture; English 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio and stereo; English SDH subtitles.Don\u2019t miss: Extras include a commentary track with Snyder, an introduction by Snyder to the director\u2019s cut, a look at creating exploding heads, various behind-the-scenes featurettes, an \u201CUndead and Loving It\u201D mockumentary, interviews with Burrell, Gunn and Weber, deleted scenes and a look at the special effects.The Italian Job (4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray)Details: 1969, Kino Lorber Studio ClassicsRated: GThe lowdown: Michael Caine heads the cast of this comedy-caper feature about a crew of crooks who plan to rob a heavily armed shipment of gold bullion.One of the parts of the crooks\u2019 plans is to cause a massive traffic jam in Turin to help thwart any police pursuit as well as using Mini Coopers, Jaguars and a bus.The first part of the movie, dealing with planning the heist, is rather slow, but picks up after the robbery and the subsequent chase.The movie, in which the Mafia, also offers a not-so-dangerous menace, features the legendary Noel Coward as well as Benny Hill, Raf Vallone, Tony Beckley, Rossano Brazzi and Maggie Blye.The film, which received an 81 percent fresh rating at Rotten Tomatoes, was written by Troy Kennedy Martin (\u201CKelly\u2019s Heroes\u201D) and directed by Peter Collinson. The movie was remade in 2003.Technical aspects: 4K: 2160p, 2.35:1 widescreen picture; English 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio; English subtitles; Blu-ray: 1080p high definition, 2.35:1 widescreen picture; English 2.0 DTS-HD Master Audio monaural; English subtitles.Don\u2019t miss: Extras include two commentary tracks, three behind-the-scenes documentaries, a featurette on the Mini Coopers and a deleted scene.The Grandmaster of Kung Fu (Blu-ray)Details: 2019, Well Go USA EntertainmentRated: Not ratedThe lowdown: The movie, set during the final years of the Qing Dynasty, finds China facing military threats from the outside world.This makes it difficult for citizens to maintain their traditional way of life. Tensions increase to the point of war when Japan\u2019s plot to seize the martial arts stronghold of Tian Jin is discovered.Huo, a respected and heroic martial arts master is forced to fight a feared Japanese military commander in a life-or-death battle for control of the city.The movie contains the prerequisite amount of martial arts action to satisfy fans of the genre.Technical aspects: 1080p high definition, 16:9 (enhanced) widescreen picture; Mandarin 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio; English subtitles.Maigret: Season 2 (Blu-ray)Details: 1961-62, Kino ClassicsRated: Not ratedThe lowdown: Rupert Davies returns as George Simenon\u2019s Commissaire Jules Maigret, the dogged French detective of Simenon\u2019s popular novels.In the three-disc set, containing all 13 episodes of the second season of this series, Maigret faces many challenges in solving some perplexing cases.The casting of Davies was enthusiastically approved by Simenon himself.Fans of Maigret and detective stories in general will enjoy this smart and entertaining series.Technical aspects: 1080p high definition, 1.33:1 full-screen picture; English 2.0 DTS-HD Master Audio monaural; English SDH subtitles.Don\u2019t miss: The main extra consists of Canadian Christmas intros.The Asphyx (Blu-ray)Details: 1972, Kino Lorber Studio ClassicsRated: PGThe lowdown: A British supernatural thriller set in Victorian England centering on a scientist, Sir Hugo Cunningham (Robert Stephens, \u201CThe Prime of Miss Jean Brodie,\u201D \u201CThe Private Life of Sherlock Holmes\u201D), a scientist who utilizes an experimental photographic device to capture what appears to be the image of the Asphyx \u2014 the ancient Greek spirit of the dead.Cunningham enlists the help of his adopted son, Giles (Robert Powell, \u201CMahler,\u201D \u201CJesus of Nazareth\u201D), in conducting further experiments. Cunningham conceives of a way to harness the Asphyx and thus gain immortality.Sir Hugo, unfortunately, forgets the lesson every scientist in science fiction and horror movies learns \u2014 defying the laws of God and nature lead to dreaded and deadly consequences.The Blu-ray includes the 86-minute theatrical release and an extended 99-minute cut of the movie culled from a U.S. release print.Technical aspects: 1080p high definition, 2.35:1 widescreen picture; English 2.0 DTS-HD Master Audio monaural; English SDH subtitles.Don\u2019t miss: A commentary track with novelist-critic Kim Newman and writer-editor Stephen Jones is the main bonus component.

italian movie download Episode 2.35

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