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Hindi Movie With Love... Tumhara

It seems that in contemporary Bollywood, there are many movies that feature the same theme: Western influence on traditional Indian values. This was probably the first movie in this category. However, there are many other movies that portray Westernized characters whose ideas of love, marriage, family, and community have been harmed by Western influence. Take the movie Garam Masala for example. Do Mr. and Mrs. 55 think that it is important for Bollywood to produce these kinds of movies? What is the message Bollywood is trying to send with these movies?

hindi movie With Love... Tumhara

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Undeniably Koi Mil Gaya was perceived a really good movie at the time it was released. Indeed with sci- fi movies never being presented to the Indian audience in a manner as extravagant as Rakesh Roshan did, the movie did pass off as pretty good even when it was an obvious copy of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.

1991 American buddy cop action comedy film The Hard Way is surprisingly the inspiration for the much popular Bollywood flick Main Khiladi Tu Anaari, with some of its scenes even copied from 1987 movie Lethal Weapon.

A fine repertoire of songs based on one Raaga..thanks to Ashok ji for introducing such a well researched post and I recall doing the same with raagam Darbari Kanada on Tamil movie songs with the very very limited knowledge of carnatic music!

When it comes to stardom in Bollywood, Salman Khan is a class in himself. Despite so many controversies in his name, the actor is loved by the audiences like no one else. While there might be many actors waiting to replace the mega stars in the industry there is no else in Bollywood who can drag a movie as easily into the 100 crores club with as much ease as he can. He might be associated with the biggest projects in Bollywood today but there are some films that he signed that never made it to the theatres.

Bollywood movies are a treat to watch. With beautiful actors and stunning locations, the experience only gets bigger. From enchanting less explored places to exotic views, the movie makers make sure they select the best of the best destinations giving you a virtual tour around the globe in two hours. Ever thought about where these exotic locations are? Ever wondered where Hrithik shook a leg in Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai? The answer is New Zealand! We at Pickyourtrail have come up with a list of 6 fantastic Bollywood movies shot in New Zealand. 350c69d7ab


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