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In this article, we will explain what .rar files are, why you need Argus Monitor to work with them, and how to use it to compress and extract .rar files.

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What are .rar files?

.rar files are a type of compressed archive file format that can store multiple files and folders in a single file. The main advantage of .rar files is that they can reduce the size of the original files, saving disk space and bandwidth. This is especially useful for large files, such as videos, games, or software.

.rar files can also protect the contents of the archive with encryption and password. This adds an extra layer of security and privacy to your files. Additionally, .rar files can support error recovery and split archives, which means that if a part of the archive is corrupted or lost, you can still recover the rest of the files.

Why do you need Argus Monitor to work with .rar files?

While .rar files have many benefits, they also require a special software to create and open them. There are many programs that can handle .rar files, such as WinRAR or 7-Zip, but they may not be compatible with your system or have limited features.

Argus Monitor is a software that can do much more than just compressing and extracting .rar files. It is a fan control and system monitoring software that can help you optimize the performance and temperature of your PC. It can control the fan speed based on various temperature sources, such as CPU, GPU, HDD/SSD, or motherboard sensors. It can also monitor the S.M.A.R.T. status of your HDD/SSD, alerting you of any potential failures or errors.

Argus Monitor is compatible with Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP and supports all major hardware manufacturers. It has a user-friendly interface that displays all the relevant information on your desktop, tray icons, or sidebar gadget. It also has a free 30-day trial version that you can download from their official website.

How to use Argus Monitor to compress and extract .rar files?

Using Argus Monitor to compress and extract .rar files is very simple. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Launch Argus Monitor and click on the File Manager tab.

  • To compress a file or folder into a .rar archive, right-click on it and select Compress to RAR. You can also select multiple files or folders by holding down the Ctrl key.

  • To extract a .rar archive, right-click on it and select Extract Here or Extract to Folder. You can also drag and drop the archive to any location you want.

  • If the archive is password-protected or encrypted, you will be prompted to enter the password before extracting it.

  • If the archive is split into multiple parts, you will need to have all the parts in the same folder before extracting it.

Thats it! You have successfully compressed and extracted .rar files using Argus Monitor.


Argus Monitor is a powerful software that can help you manage your .rar files as well as your PC performance and temperature. It is easy to use, compatible with Windows systems, and offers a free trial version. If you want to try it out, you can download it from their official website. c481cea774


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